About the KU FIJI Moms Club

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The Fiji Moms Club is an all-volunteer army of parents (yes, we are happy to include dads!) dedicated to doing what we can to support the Pi Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.   We also have fun in the process. The Moms Club organizes the events found on this website, in addition to providing extra sustenance to our boys here and there during high stress times. We also try to create a forum for information sharing among the parents since “sometimes” our boys don’t share much with us.  The most important goal and function of the Moms Club is to support the Fiji house by raising funds for certain house needs.  The fundraising event of the year is the Moms Weekend Auction. 

KU FIJI Moms Club Officers


Jackie Henderson

Email - henderj53@gmail.com

Phone - (317)431-1023


Darlene Wilk

Email - darlenewilk@gmail.com


Aimee Jacobson

Email aimee@cityguidemarketing.com


Becca Wilkinson

Email - beccawilki@gmail.com


Cassie Wichlenski

Email - cacjjw@sbcglobal.net