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The Mom’s Club has put together some information that we hope you will find useful as you prepare for Move-In Day (8/18).  At the bottom of this page, is a picture of the locker space that your son will have.  During Move-In you will meet several people who will be able to assist.  You may have already received a packing list, but here are some highlights.


Suggested Packing List


  • Bedding for a twin XL bed

  • Padlock(s) for Locker/Lock Box

  • Laundry basket or laundry tote bag

  • High-efficiency laundry detergent (washers/dryers available at no cost)

  • Clothes hangers and clothes - consider only bringing clothes for current season due to space restrictions

  • Required formal attire: (Do not spend a lot of money on these items.  They will get a lot of wear and tear.)

  • Laptop computer (free wireless internet in the house)

  • Flash drive

  • Surge protector/power cord for electronics

  • School supplies

  • Cell phone/power cord

  • Small fan for bedside

  • Mattress pad/topper

  • Comfortable/practical clothes.  There will be FIJI House philanthropy projects  through-out the year.

  • Flags to create private space

  • Printer for study area.  (two network printers are available in the House)

​There is space above and below the locker for storage i.e. laundry, etc.  The only other storage will be under the bunk beds.

NOTE: Don’t worry about bringing everything...there is a Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart in Lawrence for any items you forget or find out you need later!

Individual Locker on the 4th Floor


Forth Floor Study Area_edited.jpg
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