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Yearly Dues

Dues are collected yearly from each family, usually at parents weekend.  These are typically collected at the beginning of each school year.  We use these funds to purchase items that are needed for the boys such as a new laser printer (due to the volume of copies produced)  along with snacks and pizza at finals time. Doing these special things for the boys is not possible without funding from their families.  We run on a smaller budget until after Moms weekend when the bulk of our funding is raised.   This summer we used a large portion of our fundraising money to purchase two brand new front loading washers and two brand new front loading dryers.  Everything this club does for the boys is only made possible by all of you.  You are a wonderful group of loving and caring parents.  

If you would like to pay your dues with a credit or debit card please select the buy now button.

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Our sons have a state-of- the-art laundry room, thanks in part to the Mom’s Club for adding to the heavily used equipment.  (Yes, they do do laundry.)  Thanks to the generosity of many parents, grandparents, graduate brothers, the House Corporation and more, the KU Fiji house is beautifully renovated and a real gem but there are still needs to be met, not to mention upkeep.  This year the boys have suggested paying for the labor to install new tile on the bare stairwells.  There is a real need for some masonry work to finish off the amazing vintage Fiji crest that is an architectural addition to the new outdoor area, in addition to the masonry signage to fill the space by the new basketball court.  It would be impressive to have a Mom’s Club scholarship for young men with high academic skills.  The needs are endless. . ..

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