What Events Does The Moms Club Sponsor?


Family Weekend was September 21 and was a big success. Thanks for being understanding of our alternate plan for dining and Pledge Yell-In due to the rainy weather. The FIJI house had a great turnout for the close football game against West Virginia. 

Dads Weekend was the first weekend in November. Fun memories were had by all and the weather was amazing. We also SOLD OUT for the game! Thanks to Dave Buller for hosting the tailgate!


Holiday Decorating is one of the favorite activities of our Moms Club!  Sunday, November 17 was festive decorating at the FIJI house. CANCELLED 2020


FIJI Mom’s Club supports your sons with healthy and nutritious final exam snacks. December 15th was the Finals Fiesta Meal. CANCELLED 2020


Springtime is the time for the much-anticipated Moms Weekend.  It’s a lively and entertaining weekend with pledge class dinners, Saturday brunch, followed by Saturday evening dinner and Auction.  We hope you plan to be part of the fun!


May brings final exam snacks again, and a special Graduation lunch at the FIJI House to recognize the graduating Senior FIJI brothers and their families.



2020-2021 Events (tentative dates)

Pledge Move-In:  8/19

Active Move-In:  8/21

Family Weekend: 9/18 -9/19

Dad's Weekend: 11/7


Mom's Weekend: To Be Announced

Senior Graduation Reception: To Be Announced


KU Academic Dates to Note: 


School Starts:  8/24

Thanksgiving Break:  11/25- 11/29

Finals Week:  12/14 - 12/18

Spring Semester Starts: 1/19/2021

Spring Finals Week: 5/10 - 5/14/2021

Graduation: 5/16/2021




Because of generous donations to the Parents Club, your son will benefit!  Here are some examples of Parent Club donations to the FIJI house:

  • State-of-art Security System

  • Landscaping

  • New tile on stairwells

  • Laundry Room update

  • Gifts to House Mom & Chef

  • Rock Chalk Revue Celebration Dinner


If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Online Store on this website. 

How Can I Get Involved?


Sign up, show up or give us a call!  To help with events, the opportunity to sign up will be available at the FIJI house on Family Weekend.  If you prefer to contact us, you will find the information on the “About” link on this website. WE LOVE HELP!


We appreciate any and all contributions which benefit the FIJI house! The Online Store has an item for annual dues. 

FIJI House at Night